Privacy Policy

QuickBooks Technical Help takes all all the appropriate measures to secure the personal data provided by users. Here is how we use and handle your personal data collected through forms and cookies on our website. For more details, you can visit our terms and conditions page.

1. Details acquired by QuickBooks Technical Help : All the information acquired from the users who visit our website is kept securely in our data centers. These details include user’s full name, email address, contact number, geographical area and so on. Also, billing details are stored for users who opt for automatic payment. Payment details are stored for all users who have at some point entered into a transaction with us. At the time of completing the transaction, other details such as shipping address, payment details and so on are also collected. These details are required for product activation. You geographical area is also stored along with preferences in order to provide a better experience.

2. Cookies and Log files : Every Time a new user visits our website, a separate profile is created for them. This profile contains all the information garnered from them. Any personally identifiable information collected through cookies, log files and forms is used for aggrandizing the overall customer experience. Also, preferences are also recorded for the same. We do not share this data with any third party until we get specific permissions from the user. Still, our parent company, partners and subsidiaries can access this data.

3. Children Policy : QuickBooksTechnical.Help does not accumulate data for users younger than 13. In case any such details are found, we take all the appropriate measures to delete it immediately and permanently from our databases. You can go to the respective Government Regulatory body website in order to get more information about our Children Policy.

4. Newsletters and Emails : We at QuickBooksTechnical.Help take all the appropriate measures in order to inform our users about changes and amendments. These amendments can include changes to our terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy and so on. Users can contact us if these changes conflict with the ones mentioned in their Service Level Agreement (SLA.) Further, offers, discounts and notifications are also sent via newsletters and emails. Users can opt out of this email and newsletter service by hitting the unsubscribe button.

5. Data Sharing and Retention : Until asked by the user specifically, we will hold the data in our databases. Data is cleared if the task for the user has been completed. Still, details about transactions are stored along with all the other details provided at the time of the transaction. These details are not shared with any third party associated with us or linked on our website. Also, in no legal ruling will QuickBooksTechnical.Help share this data.

6. Social Media : IP Addresses are garnered through various social media platforms like twitter, facebook and linkedin. Cookies are used to better understand the preferences of the user. By doing so we are able to provide a better service for all our users. Data is collected through cookies while staying in compliance with our privacy policy.

7. Security : SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) along with SSH Key encryption are used for safeguarding all the personally identifiable information collected from the user. These details include geographical area, Date of Birth, Credit card/ debit card details and so on.

8. Mobile Analytics : Mobile analytics is used for acquiring information when the user visits our website from their smartphone. Details about the performance, daily data usage, downloads through our website are collected through mobile analytics. This data is only for the purpose of analysis.

9. Links : All the third party links mentioned on our website should be visited with caution. Only share data with these websites after going through their terms and conditions and privacy policy. Also, most of these links are only for reference purposes. Users cannot hold us accountable for any loss or damage caused due to third parties mentioned on our website.

10. Changes and Amendments: We take all the appropriate measures to inform users about changes in our policies. Still, it is upto the user to stay up to date with these changes. We usually send out newsletters and emails describing these changes.