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Pay Bonus in QuickBooks

Paying bonus is a task for the business. The employees are paid bonus which amplifies a lot of manual work for the workforce. QuickBooks allows you to pay bonus with different techniques. It automates the procedures and reduces the time of transactions for the workforce.

To record bonus in QuickBooks, a separate bonus check has to be prepared to track the payment in the records, also we should keep in mind that bonus checks are not allied to the payroll. In this article, we are talking about the different techniques of paying bonus to the employees in QuickBooks. In case you face any difficulty in following the procedures you can contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number and get assisted.

Step By Step to Pay Bonus in QuickBooks

  • When bonus is paid through a separate paycheck

A separate check from the salary will be given to the employees. It may incur charges in case you go for direct deposits. Standard deductions apply to the bonus amount, for ex. retirement, insurance and child benefits etc.

Steps to prepare the check:

  • Start with preparing the regular payroll
  • Tick mark the employees you want to create bonus checks for
  • Select Preview paycheck > Earnings Box > item name column
  • Select bonus (once bonus is selected, you have to clear the check from the previous earnings and salary balance)
  • Enter amount of the bonus in the rates section
  • Save the check and continue in case you want to prepare more paychecks


  • When Bonus is prepared on a regular pay check

Bonus will be paid on a regular paycheck along with your regular salary and further incentives if any. Standard deductions are applicable on the paycheck which includes retirement, health insurance or child benefits.

Steps to prepare the check:

  • Start with your regular paychecks procedure
  • Select Preview paycheck > Earnings Box > item name column
  • Under regular salary column , click bonus
  • Enter the gross bonus amount
  • Save the check and continue in case you want to prepare more paychecks

QuickBooks Technical Support – Call 1-855-836-9252

QuickBooks has many features which helps the users to make small and big changes in their regular business routine. However, not all the QuickBooks consumers are aware about these functions and hence they do not utilize the software entirely. If you’re facing any such concern you can contact our QuickBooks Customer Support team 1855-836-9252 and get assisted with the professionals of the domain. We are available 24/7 to assist you with full customer satisfaction.

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