Terms of Use

By accessing our website and using our products and services, the user agrees to stay in accordance with our terms and conditions. Also, in case of any losses to our company due user’s actions, the user agrees to indemnify QuickBooksTechnical.Help and any third parties associated with it. Also, you can find the limitation on liability in our terms and conditions which comprehensively classifies the situations in which users can hold us accountable or can demand a refund.

Limitation on Liability
Our liability to pay or refund, in all situations, will be equal to or less than the price of the said product or service. User cannot demand a refund exceeding the price of said product or service. If the period of liability, warranty or guarantee of a product or service has already expired then the user cannot hold QuickBooksTechnical.help accountable for a repayment or refund. Also, user cannot claim any compensation for such products or services as their warranty period has already expired. Further, user cannot hold us accountable for interrupted services, malfunction or losses caused by the services of their party service providers. In case you pay extra amount, it will be adjusted on your next purchase or you can send us an email for a refund. The extra amount will reflect in your bank account within 7-8 days from the initiation of refund.

Credit Card Payment/Billing
By providing us with the affirmation to apply charge on your credit card, you authorize your credit card provider to transfer the said amount without the necessary requirement of a signed receipt. All charges should be accepted by the issuer of the credit card on user’s authorization. As soon as your credit card is charged, we will take that as a affirmation for payment to QuickBooksTechnical.help. Further, QuickBooksTechnical.help and the third parties it uses for completing the transaction are allowed to continue adding charges till the said amount is received in full. In case you provided a credit card but instead wanted to make the payment through a debit card then you can swap the payment by providing us the details of your debit card. We will refund the amount back after the said amount has been received through the debit card transaction. If you provided wrong credit card or debit card details then we have complete rights to withhold or even cancel the service till the said amount is received in full. Also, you cannot hold us accountable for the charges made by third parties. In you find any extra charges on your credit card due to transactions with us, then make sure to contact us. If any extra charge would have been made for unknown reasons then we will refund the money. In all cases, all types of transactions need to uphold these terms and conditions. Even electronic transfers like wire transfers cannot be exempt from our terms and conditions. Also, another thing to note is that, for wire transfers and automated payments, the user agrees that the said amount be automatically charged from the account or credit card of the user. If in any case the processing of the payment fails due to insufficient funds then a penalty will be charged from the user.

Product Availability
Users can find a list of all the products and services offered by us on our website. It is the right of QuickBooksTechnical.Help to cancel or withhold the product or service due to reasons such as unavailability of the product, unknown or failed payment status, wrong information provided by the user. Also, in case you provided wrong information then a penalty will be charged if there is any loss due to the same to QuickBooksTechnical.help.

If a certain product or service isn’t available then you can ask our agents to notify you about the availability of the same. We will inform you about the availability through multiple platforms such as email and call.

Disclaimer of WARRANTIES
It is upto the user to stay updated about the changes made to the content, terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer. Also, we have complete rights to make changes without informing the user. In case the contract is being impacted in any possible way or there is a conflict between the old and new norms then the norms, and terms and condition mentioned on the contract will be adhered to.

The content, videos and images provide on our website are only meant for informative purposes. The user cannot hold us accountable for any wrong information mentioned on this website. If you do spot any wrong fact or information then send us an email. We will rectify the discrepancy as soon as possible.

Third Party Websites
All third party links mentioned on our website should be visited with caution. Make sure to read their privacy policy and terms and conditions before providing them with your details. We cannot be held accountable for damage or loss caused due to the services or information provided by the third parties associated or mentioned on website.

Refusal Right
In case of product or service unavailability, we have the complete right to cancel the order or put it on hold. In case of a paused order where the product is unavailable, the user can either wait for the product to be available or send us an email for a refund.

Trademark and Copyright
QuickBooksTechnical.Help has the copyright for all the content, videos, website and creative work showcased on this website. Using the information, content, videos and images from our website without our permission will lead a lawsuit against you. Users can ask for permission for using the content via email. Also, if a certain information is taken for reference then users need to give us due credit with the link to our website.

Governing Law
All conflicts will be settled while upholding the Governed law of Pennsylvania. Also, conflicts will be settled in the Law of Court of Pennsylvania or under the federal law of United States of America.